Just over two years ago I started SmileDial with the goal of supporting families that have a child with special needs. I had no long term plan for SmileDial so it is amazing to find myself here, running a charity full time and being in the position where I have been able to pass on over $100,000 of goods and services to families.

The success of SmileDial has been achieved only through the support of SmileDial members (SmileDialers) who have been so supportive of me, SmileDial and all the families we support. I am humbled by the generosity of individuals and companies all over New Zealand.

The journey of any parent with a child that has a disability or illness is a long one, a journey that can bring you to tears but also have wonderful moments that we call tiny triumphs. As a parent to a child with special needs I know how hard the journey can be and sometimes we face the impossible yet we keep going fir our kids.

SmileDial will continue to grow and reach more and more families to help them through the tough times by also to celebrate the tiny triumphs. This website will allow us to reach more people and let them know they are not alone, at SmileDial we have 3000 members who KNOW what it is like.

Thank you to Sarah from BluePixel Studio for making this website possible and providing us another tool to put smiles on dials.

Welcome to the new SmileDial website, keep searching for those tiny triumphs.

Kelly Dugan