March 2015, Rafting Trip

Kelly Dugan


WOW, what a weekend. Four awesome SmileDial kids and a parent each, a crew of amazing people from Ultimate Descents, Jeeza and his team from MakingTrax and a river that needed to be conquered and boundaries to be broken. The kids pushed themselves to the limit as did parents and helpers and we broke more boundaries. From quiet reflection time as we floated quietly down the river in three boats to tackling rapids, jumping off cliffs into the water, sitting chatting around campfires and forming friendships that will last forever. Watching the kids as they opened up from being nice and quiet on the bus to the river on day one to screaming and yelling with joy and fear was a highlight.

The entire weekend was more than I could ever have expected, I look forward to getting more SmileDialers onto the river with the amazing team at Ultimate Descents.