In December SmileDial was given a $3000.00 donation from ASB Bank, cheers. We decided that we would use this money to create a new event that would allow SmileDial kids to Break the Boundaries. A series of activities that would take them to their boundaries and then support them as they broke them, a chance to prove to them (and everyone else) that their disability should not hold them back from pushing the limits. We took two kids skydiving at Ashburton airport on a perfect sunny afternoon, each kid faced their own unique special needs but when you are falling from 12000 feet there is no disabilities. Both kids succeeded in breaking their boundaries and the smiles on their dials when they landed were amazing, well done guys.

The second Breaking Boundaries event was held in early March and without a doubt was one of my favourite SmileDial events ever. We took four kids each with a special need (including two in wheelchairs) on a white water rafting adventure. Utilising special designed harnesses that have never been used anywhere in the world before opened this amazing opportunity up to these kids (and a parent each). Two days on the Buller River, a night camping, cliff jumping and so much more made this an epic event that taught the kids, our guides and everyone involved that anything is possible. Watching these kids break their boundaries was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, I think all of us shared something special together and friendships that will last forever were forged in the rapids. Cheers MakingTrax and Ultimate Descents for making this possible.

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