About SmileDial

SmileDial is a registered charity that works with families who have a child with an ongoing medical condition and/or disability.

About SmileDial

What is SmileDial?

SmileDial is a registered charity that supports with families who have a child with an ongoing medical condition and/or disability. SmileDial understand that having a child with special needs can be stressful on all family members and we put Smiles on the Dials of mums, dads and siblings (rather than focusing on the family member with special needs). SmileDial also provides a community where parents can ask for advice, share good times and bad and know that they are not alone and others understand the challenges they are facing.

What does SmileDial do?

SmileDial adjusts the support it provides to meet the needs of individual families as each family needs different types of support. SmileDials goal is to put smiles on the dials of the families we support, this may be through financial assistance, purchasing items the family require (car battery, gate alarms, new vehicle, specialised medical equipment, firewood etc). All registered SmileDial families can request support from SmileDial at any time for anything and whenever possible we will help them or provide them the contact details of other agencies that SmileDial partners with.


SmileDial runs a variety of events that provide an opportunity for families to have an affordable day out while meeting other parents who have a child with special needs. Large events are open to all families but are often designed specifically for those families that often do not have an opportunity to have a day out as a family unit. SmileDial also runs events that are for individual family members that give mums, dads, children or siblings a special treat.

Check in to find out about our current & future SmileDial events at our Events Page (linked to events page-https://www.facebook.com/smiledial/events ) on facebook

How you can become a SmileDial member

SmileDial events, promotions and giveaways are often targeted directly at families that have a child with special needs (all families are welcome at a number of SmileDial events). To be eligible to apply for assistance or enter promotions you need to have a child with a disability or ongoing medical condition and be registered with SmileDial. To register you need to send all your contact details and a brief outline of your child’s special need to SmileDial. All registration details are held in the strictest confidence and are not shared with any other agencies.

About Kelly Boy, Founder and CEO of SmileDial

Hi my name is Kelly (boy) and I am the founder and CEO of SmileDial, a charity created to put Smiles On The Dials Of Special Kids And Their Families.

I am the father to two beautiful children, one of whom has a brain injury affecting the left side of her body.  My daughter has led me and my family on a journey that has been very very difficult yet at times very rewarding. As I am the father to a child with a lifelong disability I know how difficult this can be, I created SmileDial in the hope I can make this journey a little easier for families like mine.

I created SmileDial to help families who are facing a myriad of struggles as their children face their own journeys with a disability and/or on going medical condition. I understand that the ripple affect of having a child with special needs flows through the entire family unit, mums, dads and other siblings. SmileDial has helped families smile through weekend escapes for families, weekend escapes for dads, champagne breakfasts for mums, movies days for teenaged siblings of special children, support person flights to Starship Hospital, financial assistance, grocery vouchers, and so much more.

SmileDial has also worked with a number of health providers in and around Christchurch to provide brighter areas for children, families and staff. Including a large mural installation in Christchurch hospitals Child Cancer Ward, Artwork for the new Paediatric building, DVD player and children’s DVDs for the children’s waiting area in the eye department, toys for children’s waiting areas and much more.Please take the time to look at the projects SmileDial has completed thus far and how we have helped some very special kids and of course their very special families.

Putting a Smile on one Dial puts a smile on many.

I created SmileDial to help families who are facing a myriad of struggles as their children face their own journeys.

Kelly Boy - Founder and CEO of SmileDial

What is SmileDial?

SmileDial is a registered charity providing support to families that are facing the challenges and joys of raising a child with special needs.

How does SmileDial Help?

SmileDial provides support in many different ways and provides a community where families with a child that has special needs can interact.

How can I become involved?

If you require support or would like to become a SmileDial member please refer to the information by following this link. If you would like to support SmileDial with a donation please refer to the information by following this link.

Where can I find out more?

You will find information on this website or you can contact us or by having a look at our SmileDial Facebook page. This is updated daily with events and information.

See what we have been up to:

Wish upon a Starship

Wish upon a Starship was a project that provided a family the opportunity to support each other. SmileDial flew a dad from the lower South Island to be at his daughters side in Starship hospital where she had been with her unwell child for months. This gave him the...

Vampire Jet

SmileDial surprised a dad with a 45 minute in a 1957 Vampire Jet, just to put a Smile on his Dial.

Alex and Lions V8 Dream

Alex is a young boy with severe Autism and his greatest love is V8 cars (and his toy lion). SmileDial made Alex and Lions dream come true by picking them up from school in a V8 Viper and driving them to Ruapuna racetrack for some very fast hot laps in a V8 racing car.

How to Help

SmileDial has been created to support families who face the daily challenges (and joys) of having a child with special needs. If you need support or just a place to meet other parents to talk or seek advice please join our existing “SmileDialers”. Families who do not have a child with special needs are also welcome, we look forward to meeting you and maybe putting a smile on your dial.