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Our Mission

Supporting kiwi families (Smiledialers) who are raising children who have special needs, and children who are in need of ongoing medical care.


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We provide free mental health support for our members, as well as providing medical equipment, sensory friendly events, and experiences for mums, dads as families.

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Sensory Garden

Our Sensory Garden in New Brighton provides an accessible space for our families to explore and feel included.

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What is SmileDial?

Smile Dial is a registered charity that was established in 2011. What started as an online support group while in NICU, Smile Dial quickly grew and has became a place for our members to receive mental health support, much needed medial equipment through our Milestone Fund, coffee groups, mums and dads getaways and boundary-breaking experiences for children.

How to help
How to help

How you can help

SmileDial provides support through our online support group known as Smiledialers. We also host regular coffee groups and family gatherings throughout the year. Our focus on mental health support means that our members can access free mental health professionals. We also pay for specialized medical equipment, therapy and exciting experiences for kids through our 'breaking boundaries' events.