Our Mission

“Supporting Kiwi Families raising Kids with Special Needs by offering support which will provide a long term benefit to the child or family”

How you can help

There are many ways to help support the families in need and help SmileDial to do the work it does.


SmileDial runs a range of events that the whole community can attend.


To be eligible for registration you need to have a child with a disability or a medically fragile child.


What is SmileDial?

SmileDial is a registered charity that was established in 2011 with the simple goal of putting Smiles on the Dials of families with children with special needs. SmileDial supports all family members (rather than focusing on the child with the illness or disability) ensuring that mums, dads and siblings all have Smiles on their Dials.

About SmileDial


How you can help

SmileDial provides support through direct financial assistance, helping families fundraise, granting children’s wishes, providing weekend “escapes” for couples, organising large affordable family events and much more. SmileDial also provides a community of support through social media and social gatherings.

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SmileDial families face a number of challenges with their children including disabilities of all types and a range of illnesses. SmileDial supports all families and does not focus on an individual “special need” as we recognise all children with special needs have unique challenges that impact on the entire family unit.

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To be eligible for any SmileDial events, giveaways or promotions you are required to register with SmileDial. To be eligible for registration you need to have a child with a disability or a medically fragile child. Registration details can be found on this website or our SmileDial Facebook page.

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What Is SmileDial?

SmileDial is a registered charity that works with families who have a child with an ongoing medical condition and/or disability. We understand that having a child with special needs can be stressful on all family members and we work with all family members (rather than just focusing on the child with special needs).

SmileDial provides a community where people can come for advice from other members who are facing similar challenges. This community provides a huge wealth of knowledge that can be accessed by any member simply by posting on the SmileDial facebook page. Talking with other people who are facing the challenges of raising a child with special needs can make those impossible days possible. SmileDial also provides support to families that may not be eligible for assistance from other agencies. Families can apply for assistance from SmileDial for anything that will help the child with special needs or any family member. Assistance may be for a specific piece of equipment, toys, vehicle repairs, holidays, dinners or anything that will put a smile on someone in the families dial.

As well as providing assistance for a specific request SmileDial also holds monthly events where family members are eligible for giveaways, weekend escapes and much more. These events are open to all registered SmileDial members and are held on a regular basis on the SmileDial Facebook page. For further information visit SmileDial at www.facebook.com/smiledial

Primary Sponsors:

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A BIG thank you to our primary sponsors and to the many, many people who support SmileDial and help us to continue the work we are doing.

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How to Help

SmileDial has been created to support families who face the daily challenges (and joys) of having a child with special needs. If you need support or  just a place to meet other parents to talk or seek advice please join our existing “SmileDialers”. Familes who do not have a child with special needs are also welcome, we look forward to meeting you and maybe putting a smile on your dial.